Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 2--Dreamtown Mall

We arranged with our driver to go to the Dreamtown Mall today.   Dreamtown is a mall as well as an activity center.  We were able to go roller blading, play arcades, navigate through a mirror maze, ride some rollercoaster simulations, drive bumper cars and shoot pellet guns.  Little man had an absolute blast today.  He was laughing and smiling the whole time and kept giving me two thumbs up saying in Russian, “This is really fun!  I like this place!”  He had never skated before and he was a little nervous to try, but he put those things on and took off!!  By about an hour he was wanting to race and was winning.  I have no problem skating fast, but these were hockey skates and they have no brakes like I’m used to on my inline skates.  I only wiped out once and he only wiped out once.  We both got a laugh at each other’s expense because it really is hilarious to watch someone wipe out (as long as they don’t get hurt).  I couldn’t believe the tiny little kids that were there today that were “experts” on their skates flying past both of us, swerving in and out.  I swear Russian and Ukrainian kids are natural born skaters.  There were little girls doing figure skate jumps.  They were so elegant!  It was fun to watch. 

It was nice to have our driver walk with us through the mall because he translated for the both of us.  I also felt safer in a strange place having him there.   During lunch I was able to have our driver translate some important things about home life that we wanted him to know before coming to the States.  Eddik is so positive and helpful in everything he says.  He asked genuine questions and wanted to make it clear to me that he intends to be a great help around the house and an awesome son and brother.  We have no expectations on the little guy.  We do want him to feel loved and grow up to love the Lord!

We both came back to the apartment around 4:30 exhausted so we’ve just been lazing around here.  We watched a few movies, played Uno and Go Fish, and now I’m writing this blog while he sits as close as he can beside me playing his Nintendo MarioKart game.  He definitely likes to cuddle and snuggle up close to me.  He’s a sweet boy for sure!  For dinner we made fried eggs together.  We had a big lunch (he ate an entire pizza himself!) at the mall so neither one of us were really very hungry.  It’s funny because any time we are cooking together he always turns on the radio.  He definitely loves his music and he loves to dance along with the beat or sing along if he knows the song.  He’s got some rhythm and he’s fun to watch dance.

Tomorrow we have plans for our driver to pick us up and to attend Hillsong United Church.  I have heard a lot of families who have come to Ukraine to adopt have enjoyed it and a few recommended I attend if we are able.  It looks like it has a great band and a wonderful worship time there.  I brought up YouTube to show him what is was and asked if he wanted to go and he’s said yes, he is excited to go.  

Things continue to go really well.  He’s an easy going boy and he’s very fun to hang out with.  We are hoping that we can get all our passport paperwork going on Monday so we can fly home by next Monday.  We are having a good time, but we are both ready to be with our family!  

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