Wednesday, February 12, 2014

No No No Seven

We have always gotten a kick out of our Ukrainian boys little misspeaking’s they have when they first come to America.  Brandon used to say people were “Tootie” and he meant “tooting” or farting. For Punch Bug Volzwagon Beetles, Brandon would call them "Sponge buggies."   Matthew makes us laugh when he runs around the house from person to person saying, “Ya No no no seven!  Mama, ya no no no seven.  Papa, ya no no no seven.”  What he is asking for is to have someone turn on his Wii game “Double 0-7” (007-James Bond game).  

Our first few days have been going well.  He’s had home school for 3 days now.  The first day I just assessed what he did and did not know.  He could not do even basic math like 1+9=10 or 9-1=8.  So I’ve been teaching that along with his vowels for now.  We ended up ordering him ACE paces because it seems he can do it without being able to read English yet.  Matthew is going to do 1st grade for English, Spelling and Reading, and I have him at 3rd grade for Math.  That is what is so great about these paces is that he can work at whatever level he is at and then move as fast or slow as he needs to.  He’s a fast learner, so I think he will catch up quickly to his grade level.


The first day Matthew was home, we skipped church and spent a family day together.  We moved from soccer, to bike riding, to baseball, to the trampoline jumping to “No no no seven.”  We were all exhausted by the end of the day because Matthew has as much energy as 10 sons and we are not used to it!!!  Brandon had a lot of energy, but not even close to what Matthew has. 

Matthew and the girlies are getting along so well.  It is like they’ve known each other their whole lives.  Adoption is such a gift to everyone involved!  

When asked about his favorite thing about our house is so far, without hesitation, Matthew said his favorite thing is his “No no no seven” game (007 Wii game!) I think it’s funny because 007 was both Brandon and is Andrew’s favorite game as well. 

Enjoying some soccer

Haley showing Matthew our backyard turtle

Kids flying all over the place

Matthew trying out Haley's bow and arrow

Adding some air to the tires

Matthew rides really fast on that bike!

Katie and Matthew
Tuesday's snow ball fight

Matthew's got quite the arm on him!

Matthew coming after the camera lady (aka ME!)

Red cheeks!


Haley Bee with red cheeks!

Matthew playing "No No No Seven"

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