Sunday, February 2, 2014

Day 3--Hillsong United Worship

We woke up earlier today and went to the early service at Hillsong United for church today.  I wish I could say that Eddik liked it, but he definitely did not.  He found it very boring.  I’m not sure why because the music was loud and the pastor was interactive.  There was a lot going on and I very much enjoyed myself.  If he thought that church was boring, he’s going to fall asleep in our church because we barely can hear our drums in any of our services.  

The message was very good.  The gist of it was even though there is the Political Revolution happening and many Ukraine citizens are afraid, God is in control.  We who are believers are first and foremost citizens of Heaven, and our job is to pray for our countries, and pray for lost souls and keep living for Him.  Pastor Brian gave the example of Paul in the Bible and how he continued to serve through many trials.  A sweet girl named Zhena sat closely behind me and translated the whole sermon for me.  It was a neat experience and the music was a taste of what I think heaven's music will be like.  It didn't matter the service was in a different language--we were all worshiping together the One, True God. 

After church we got meat dumplings and went to the supermarket for some staples.  This boy is always hungry so I needed to stock the cupboards.  A snack for him is two sandwiches, and oatmeal.  He’s only 11, so I can’t imagine what our food bill will be like as he reaches his teen years.  I look forward to watching him grow!  

I could tell he was getting extra stir crazy this afternoon so we broke into a soccer match inside.  Any other day I would worry about all the noise we were making playing soccer in an apartment complex.  Today I didn’t care.  They have been working on renovations on the 2 apartments below us, so they won’t even notice our commotion.  I have never heard him laugh so hard.  I think he underestimated my speed and futbol abilities!  He called me a babushka, but I was beating his skinny bum at soccer.  It was so much fun.

This whole time the t.v. hasn’t been working, so thankfully today the concierge was able to get our television working.  Eddik needed to settle down and leave me alone for a bit so I could get some work done this afternoon. I’m trying to get our taxes finished.  I also wanted to watch our church service back home on  He is at my side always wanting to see what I’m doing and wanting me to play with him.  I needed a little space so could think clearly and I was SO glad the t.v. was working.

This afternoon I gave him a little test to see where he is academically.  I have my work cut out for me.  He does not know any English at all—no letter or sounds or words.  All this time his teachers and director have said how smart he is.  He is in 5th grade.  I was surprised to see he doesn’t even know his times tables, and definitely doesn’t know how to divide.  I know they are very strict with schooling in his orphanage and never let the kids miss class, so I’m not sure what they taught him in Ukraine school for 5 years if he doesn't even know how to multiply by 5th grade.   So I’ll start from scratch with him just like we did our other two boys.  He’s a quick learner, so hopefully it won’t be as toilsome teaching him as it was for our first two boys times tables.  

He asks often how many more days we will be here.  He asks about Tim and the kids and what they are doing and what the weather is like in North Carolina.  He sure does talk a lot.  I only understand about 5% of what he is saying.  I have my iPhone translator to talk with him, but he does not have a way to tell me so he mainly uses charades.  Poor little guy is SO ready to get home. I don’t blame him.  I feel the same way.  We are definitely making the most of our time here.  We are bonding very well.  Last night at bedtime he even said, “I lub you, Mama.  Good night” for the first time.  He’s a sweetie for sure!  We are very much hoping his new "social security number" comes in so we can apply for his passport and head to the Embassy for our first appointment.

 Just having a little snack...some comfort food--gummy bears, King Sized Twix and coke. ;-)


  1. You can easily "add a language" on your iphone (in settings) and then the Russian/ukrainian keyboard will show up as well and he can type back to you. It was life saving for us with our ukrainian speaker

    1. Thanks, Life In Paradise, I ended up finding the add a language and it was SO helpful!