Friday, January 31, 2014

Killing Time--Part 2

Just trying to keep everyone posted...

We got bored so I decided to see if Eddik was up for a photo shoot.  I really wanted to have pictures of him around the house before we return to America.  I think it's neat that I can take pictures all the way over here in Ukraine and order prints for Tim to pick up in the US.  Anyway I took a bunch of pictures of him dressed in a collared shirt we bought for him.  He absolutely loves that shirt.  I almost didn't bring it, but now I'm glad I did. Anyway, he was posing & doing "runway music" with his voice and strutting like a male model.  It was soooo funny to see him coming out of his shell and being goofy.  I was laughing at him and he kept in his "role" as a model all serious like a tease!  I seriously love this boy!

We just returned from a loooong walk to the Pizza Chiliantano Restaurant (No idea how to spell that restaurant). It was about 1 mile one-way from where we are staying.  Did I mention the temperature is around 0 today??  My nose, feet and hands are still frozen! There were two Revolution protest displays up that way.  In the area we walked it was just peaceful demonstrations from what I could see.

Eddik is being so good, however playing with him all day long tires my old lady self out. Goodness little boys have a lot of energy (with the exception of our very mellow son, Andrew). I genuinely love this time we are having together. The one-on-one time is so much fun.  He is really, really funny.

At Pizza Chiliantano he chose the chicken & cheese "pancake" and kept saying "This is really good" in Russian over & over while putting two thumbs up.  We bought a few souvenirs at the stand outside the restaurant.  I really wanted a plate clock to put on my plate wall in our kitchen nook.  I asked him which of the 3 plates he liked best and he chose the one with blue flowers.  That makes it special.  I can't wait to get home & hang it up.  I like a little memory of Ukraine for the boys.

I discovered the apartment has a washing machine (actually a friend pointed it out in a picture) and some laundry soap so I did a load of laundry and have it drying on a rack in the living room.  He absolutely LOVES clothing.  He likes to change his clothing a lot which I think is funny because our other two boys would wear the same thing every day if we let them.  Today he has changed his clothing 3 times. 

Oh my goodness I'm SOOO cold!!!  And I can't believe today is only Day ONE of our wait to come home because this boy is seriously stir crazy (Hence the photo of him on top of furniture looking for a Nerf bullet).   Tomorrow we hope to go ice skating.  If I don't lose my fingers and toes to frost bite, it'll be nothing short of a small wonder!

More pictures kids and hubby and friends keep asking for pictures, so as long as the Internet cooperates I will post some...


  1. He sure sounds as if he is a very silly boy. That is wonderful that he has a sense of humor like that. He is really a cute guy. These are very handsome pictures of him. I pray that everything moves quickly so you both don't go stir-crazy and you can get home soon. May the Lord continue to bless your family.

  2. The posed photos are funny! Stay warm! You're in my prayers.