Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Barricades--Tuesday's Update

Today's update....We are thankful to God for giving us 2 productive days...Monday we were able to pick up his tax ID number and complete his application for his passport and today we had his 1st Embassy appointment for the Visa! We are hopefully in the final stages of our journey and we are BOTH SO THANKFUL and SO READY TO BE HOME!! 

Eddik was EXTRA antsy today, so since the weather was "up" to 2 degrees, I decided I could maybe stand the cold long enough to go for a walk with him.  He's been DYING to go see the "barricades" as he calls them.  Every day he asks if we can go take pictures of the barricades.  He can hear the noise and commotion from the barricades and we can smell the burning tires and so forth, but he wanted to SEE it.  So since it was daylight and lots of people around, I felt safe enough to take him out for a walk.  He was really excited, but whatever they shouted from behind the barricades frightened him and he was ready to come back to the apartment.  

I thought it was important for him to see it anyway because this is his homeland.  He needs to know what is happening and I pray he never forgets that nations, families, schools, and any organization can rise and fall with the leadership.  Pray for Ukraine.  It is a dark and oppressed country, and it is saddening because it is a beautiful country with beautiful people created in His image!  The last time we were here it was sunny and summer, and the streets of Kiev were emaculate--no trash anywhere. This is a country that takes pride in itself so to see this burning mess and graffiti on beautiful buildings is SO sad to witness firsthand.

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  1. I pray that everything continues to go smoothly and you two will be able to go home soon. It is so sad that Ukraine is in so much turmoil. May the Lord continue to bless your family.