Monday, January 30, 2012

The First Tears

The young warrior is down for the count.  Brandon officially came down with the flu late afternoon yesterday.  I knew something was up when he turned down dinner and went upstairs and fell fast asleep.  He threw up most of the night and moaned and groaned from abdominal pain.

Is there anything more pitiful than a sick boy or man?  Even the strongest of warriors appreciate a mother’s care and love when they don’t feel well.  It actually brought my son to tears when I wiped off his mouth and cheek.  “Thanks, Mom” and the tears flowed as he wiped them away immediately.  This was the first time I have ever seen the boy cry tears.  He puts up a macho front. He’s been taught since birth that men don’t cry.  In fact as he had a tooth drilled without any drugs at 7 years of age, the doctor said if he cried, he’d drill harder.  Trying to reprogram that mindset has failed until this point.  Son, real men cry.  Dad cries.  Grandpa and BeBe cry.  Pastor Sean cries.  Even Jesus Christ wept.

 Anyway, I hate that my boy is sick.  I feel so helpless.  However, it’s nice to know that underneath all his fledgling muscles and toughness is a heart of gold, which is soft and tender.   I’m honored to be able to care for him when he needs me the most.



  1. Our hearts our breaking for you Tim and Carinda--We love you!!! And can't imagine how you are grieving. May God give you grace beyond measure.

    Sean and Pam

  2. I am a friend of Kimarie. We are praying for your family! Praying that God will provide a comfort and peace that only HE can give!

  3. We are praying for you all. May our wonderful Father give the the strength and comfort you need at this moment.

    1. I found you from another blogger. My son was almost ten when we adopted him from Ukraine. The way you describe your Brandon reminds me so much of my Alex. (My Alex is 13.5 now.) My heart aches for you. I know there are not words to comfort you but the fact that you were there for him - that he cried tears of love and gratitude as you helped him wipe his mouth - he left this earth knowing love. Knowing he belonged to a forever family. May God bless you in this time of loss. It is my firm belief that families are forever and that one day you will all be reunited.
      My prayers are with you, your husband and your darling little girls. I am so very sorry.