Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Puzzling Girlie Girls!

I’ve spent much time on this blog analyzing the Bible, myself, other people and mostly poor, sweet Brandon. One thing that dawned on me today while sitting by the side of the pool, watching my girls *play (actually a better word might be *FIGHT), was I had never analyzed my girls, publicly in this blog. Ha! They are such puzzling little creatures, I’m afraid there is not enough room on this blog to write everything about them that I do not understand. And guess what!! I AM a girl!!!! So if you’re a man and you are trying to figure out a girl or a woman, good luck with that. Tim threw in the towel a long time ago. He just goes with it. His favorite saying? “She’ll get over it.” So here it goes.

My (partial) list of things that puzzle me about my girls (and these are ALL just from TODAY):

1. How can they totally love each other one minute and a millisecond later want to tear out every last strand of their sister’s hair?

2. Why do they continuously have to scream? They scream when they are happy. They scream when they are excited. They scream at each other. They scream when they are scared. They scream when they are hurt. They scream really, really loudly when they are mad! Now Brandon, in all of his manliness, could definitely shatter glass. However, to be fair, it was usually to one-up the girls in volume or in high-pitchyness (I know that is not a word, but you know what I mean) or to flat out annoy his sisters.

3. Why do they need to change their clothing SIXTY-FIVE times a day? Seriously. We’ve been home ALL DAY. And I make them re-fold & put away all of that clothing. What is the pay off in that? It wouldn’t matter if they only had 3 outfits to their name. They’d still change their clothing 65 times!

4. Why do they change their MINDS so frequently? “What color popsicle do you want?” I ask. They reply, "Red. No blue. No green. No red...." (One of the girls decides she wants blue). Now ALL 3 girls want blue. The problem lies when there are only TWO blue popsicles. (What do they all end up eating? ICE CREAM!)

5. Why do they put on nail polish just to pick it off 2 hours later?

6. Why do they care so much which bathing suit they wear and if the top matches the bottom IN OUR OWN BACK YARD with ZERO probability that anyone outside of our household will see them?

7. Along the same lines, why can’t they wear a WET bathing suit when in 3.2 seconds they are going to dive into the pool?

8. Why do they put so much time and effort into their clothing if they refuse to properly brush their hair without threats and bodily force?? (Just kidding. Bodily force never happens.) If they care so much about their appearance I would say neat, properly combed hair would be a perfect starting place.

9. Why can't we walk anywhere without picking every last weed….err, I mean flower…and then forgetting them ALL in my car?

10. Why do they cry so much? If they aren’t screaming, they are crying. In addition to the list of things they scream about on Question #2, they cry if they think someone may be mad at them, or think that someone looked at them the wrong way. I have often thought, “Cry again? Seriously? Let me give you something to cry about.”

11. Why do they “mother” every last thing. I understand mothering a baby doll, or Bella, our dog, or any animal for that matter. But they mother THINGS. Bugs get mothered. Stuffed animals have feelings in our house. Stuffed animals are not to be thrown or picked up by the ears. Flowers are mothered.

12. Why are they so unpredictable? If someone asks (and this happened for real yesterday), “Do your girls like carrots?” I honestly don’t know how to answer. It  seriously depends upon their mood, if it’s sunny or rainy, if their best friend’s goldfish smiled at them 6 hours ago and if they have the right shoes on.

13. Why can’t I get ONE picture where all THREE of them are looking at me, with all 6 of their eyes open AND all 3 mouths are smiling?

Here they are---the Puzzling Girlie Girls---the ones with the messy hair, that love each other (right now), that can't figure out their attire, that I cannot get to all look at me at one time and smile!  I love these 3!!!!!!!!
Okay, Okay. They are not really that bad (today). And having THREE of them isn’t that bad (my opinion may change 4 minutes from now). Seriously, though, I genuinely love having three girls. They are ALL affectionate, kind-hearted, generous, smart, beautiful and caring girls. How many children their age would open up their hearts and their home TWO times to adopt? How many children would be willing to share THEIR parents with someone else? All kidding aside, I would not trade my girls for all the boys in the whole, wide world! Besides, God molded each one of them inside of my body to be exactly the way He wanted them to be. (It doesn’t mean they are not puzzling from time to time!)

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.”

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