Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh, Bee Alissa!

Someone had stinky feet so I told her to go wash her feet. This is how I found the sink......I guess I should have been more specific and said to "Go wash your stinky feet in the tub"....What can I say? Her feet were nice and sudsy and clean and the sink worked out just fine for her!

I asked her why her feet stunk so bad and she thinks "maybe"it was because she wore her favorite pink socks every day since Monday.....Oh, "B" Alissa!  That would do it!

Silly girl!  I love her to pieces!


  1. That is so funny! Sometimes kids take everything so literally. I love it though. It makes life exciting and sometimes interesting. About a year ago, my youngest son brought me a picture that he had drawn. He said that it was a picture of God. I asked him what the round circles were all over the figure of God that he had drawn. He said, "The Bible says that God is HOLY!" I thanked him, but didn't want to tell him that the Bible said HOLY not HOLEY. I love the way they take things so literal!

  2. This is funny, and she is so cute! Life does get more interesting with kids around. I can see our Stasik do something like this :) Enjoy reading stories about kids, especially funny ones. Children are so innocent, and most of the time they do thing with out thinking.

  3. My goodness, how she looks like a little Aunt Bethany in this picture!!! And so cute with the feet in the sink :) I've found that a few times with my kiddos, lol