Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2011 Ukraine Adoption Statistics

See below article taken from orphancareresources.org.

According to Ruslan Maliuta, the President of the Alliance for Ukraine Without Orphans, the adoption statistics for Ukraine in 2011 were:

Total Adoptions: 3,078
National Adoptions: 2,109
Breakdown of national adoptions by age of child:
Under 1 year: 844
1-2 years: 645
3-5 years: 419
6-10 years 167
11-17 years: 34
International Adoptions: 969
Breakdown of international adoptions by age of child:
Under 1 year: 13
1-2 years: 103
3-5 years: 172
6-10 years: 412
11-17 years: 269
For as much waiting as we did for our Brandon Sergey, these totals seem really LOW to me. For the International adoptions in Brandon's category of 11-17 year olds there were only 269 children adopted....for the whole year! There were more than that number of children in Brandon's ONE orphanage. And there are thousands of orphanages in Ukraine. This makes me very sad. We can do better! Maybe we should adopt more than one child!?


  1. yes, do it & bring me a couple too! LOL!! One thing though that may skew the stats is that a lot of the kids are in orphanages but aren't available for adoption and then there are some older ones who don't want to be adopted - didnt you guys experience that last time? I so want to adopt an older child - my one & only child (bio) is 23 and out of state but every time I turn around there are obstacles and I just cant get over the hurdles...God bless you guys!

  2. If you did adopt more than one, they would truly be a blessed child by being in your family