Thursday, July 19, 2012

KT's Growing Up!

11 months old, scratch on her nose from climbing in a toy box

I can hardly believe our oldest daughter turns 11 tomorrow!  When she was born I was sure they handed me the wrong baby!  She had blond hair and blue eyes and fair skin!  Tim and I have dark hair and complexions!  As an infant she was both fussy and active. We later found out she was fussy because she was lactose intolerant.   I can't tell you the number of times she crawled out of her crib before she turned 9 months old.  She was my Houdini and climbed ANYTHING like a monkey.   As a toddler she kept me on my toes.  She once climbed and got a bottle of sunscreen and drank it all.  She's eaten play dough, soap, baby wipes and styrofoam. I recall having to push the grocery cart down the center of the aisle because if I got too close to the shelves, she would knock everything off as she reached for whatever interested her.   If you saw a streak of pink, that would be our KT Bug!  She did everything FAST and ran from thing to thing. She chattered a mile a minute and I was her own little personal translator because I was the only one who understood all her chatter due to her speech pronunciation issue.  At 3 she began preschool to get some of her energy out.  Teachers threw out the words "ADHD" and asked us to have her tested.  She was tested and they just said she was a just a smart, curious, little social butterfly and needed to learn self-control.  She was so full of personality and love for life and adventure! Once she started Kindergarten she could sit still and listen.  She was pink from head to toe until she turned 6 and she began saying she was a "tomboy"and has worn blue ever since!

Though she has settled down quite a bit physically, she still will talk your ear off and ask a million questions.  You better give her the correct answer and never make a promise you don't intend to keep because she remembers EVERYTHING and will quote you word-for-word years after the fact.  She has played piano for 4 years.  She likes to knit, crochet, read, play games on the computer and roller blade.  She likes to be indoors most of the time, except when the family goes out hiking.  She is very smart and has an active imagination.  She loves to perform science experiments and do any kind of craft there is.  Her favorite color is turquoise blue. She loves dolphins and would love to be a marine biologist one day.

What is neat about KT is she is eager to please and to do right.  She is very much my helper around the house and the leader of the pack, even when Brandon was home and he was the oldest chronologically.  I sometimes forget she is just a child because she will think and talk to you like an adult.  She has always been my "old soul" with wisdom beyond her years. I can trust that she will always tell the truth.  She consistently reads her devotions and Bible every night before she sleeps without being told.  She has really grown into a beautiful young lady!

Our KT Bug has always been and is such a joy and blessing!  I am honored to be her Mom!  I love her so much!
3 months old

Just turned 2 years old

3 Years old

4 years old

5 years old

6 years old

7 years old

9 years old

10 years old


  1. Happy Birthday, Katie! I hope you have a great birthday!

    It sounds like the Lord has truly blessed your family with special daughters. I love how individual children are.

  2. The way you describe her, is VERY similar to my Pierce! I always call him my big man because he's constantly the "dad" of the group. We really should get our big kids together to play some day!