Friday, October 28, 2011

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Tim and I attended our very first Parent/Teacher Conference today.  I’m not sure why we’ve never gone before.  We probably look like uninvolved, slacker parents since Katie’s in 5th grade and we’ve never gone to one parent/teacher meeting in our lives.  One reason we’ve never gone is time.  It’s hard for Tim to get out of work.  We were unsure what to do with the kids while we met.  Also, we’ve never really had any questions or issues—the girls are pretty well behaved and they all pretty much make straight A’s…I know. I know. We’re slacker parents and I’m just making excuses for not attending like all the other slacker parents…..

Then alas!  Along came our beloved son, Brandon and voila, we attend our first Parent/Teacher Conference!!  Now we are hooked.  We will probably attend all Parent/Teacher Conferences there are from now on.  We learned a lot about our two 3rd graders and walked away with a to-do list to help both get their grades up and help them improve as students.  It’s nice to have a game plan and to be on the same page with their teachers.

I also walked away with a feeling of awe.  God is so good to us!!  What amazing teachers our children have!  I cannot believe we almost pulled our children out of the Academy and put them in another school.  What a blessing we would have missed out on in these top-notch educators.  You won’t find a group of teachers that love their students as much as these teachers do.  It’s not everywhere that a teacher will bend over backwards and work through their breaks each day to see our children succeed.  It is very evident that their teachers pray for the students and consider it a true ministry to teach our children.   I am so thankful for all that they do. 

So, I’m very pleased that Brandon (and his teachers) survived the first semester of the year.  What amazing growth and maturity we have seen in Brandon in such a short amount of time.  Really the sky is the limit in how far he is going to go! 

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