Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dental Blessings

I have been putting off getting some work done on my teeth for a while now.  This is mostly because of the cost of the work that I needed and also because my teeth weren’t bothering me that bad so I hated to fix what didn’t seem broken.  With the tremendous cost of the adoption and the loans we ended up having to take out for the adoption, it just was not an option over the past year.

I finally had no choice but to get the work done because the pain began and it was really getting worse very quickly.  The first part of the surgery was on September 30th.  The day before Tim had taken all 4 children to their routine cleanings because I was out of town at a work related conference.  The doctor was commenting that he had received comments from other patients that day about our 4 children being both beautiful and well behaved.  The doctor said he thought it was important to tell parents when their children are behaving well because there are so many parents whose children are out of control.  When he told me that, it made me proud of the children especially because they were wearing their Academy uniforms which meant they were being great witnesses for Christ and “advertisements” for our school. 

He then asked about Brandon.  He knew we were adopting because I told him at my last cleaning 6 months ago.  But he was so impressed by Brandon’s English and the way he conducted himself--he said that he is a sharp young man (I have to agree with him there because I'm his Mama).  He said Brandon has no idea how much his life has changed and the limitless opportunities he will have now that he’s in the States.  Then he asked how we ended up with Brandon and not the original two boys we had set out to adopt. 

It was a perfect opportunity to brag on God for a while and I took it.  I personally believe God had Brandon in mind for us before any of us were even created.  I still cannot believe how well he fits our family and cannot imagine how different our lives would be if we had not adopted him.  We set out to obey God and be a blessing to a lost child and he has in turn been even more of a blessing to us.  He brings such joy into our lives and into our home. 

I hadn’t noticed but somewhere in the middle of my 5 minute recap of the adoption story, the doctor had begun tearing up.  He actually had been utilizing a box of tissues nearby.  He said that our family and Brandon really touched his heart.  He said he wishes families like ours were made up of a dozen kids.  What a compliment that was!  (Our kids must’ve been REALLY charming that day or something…haha). 

Anyway, advancing to today, I went in to have Phase 2 of the surgery done and to pay my several hundred dollar bill that was left after insurance had paid their part.  When I was getting ready to leave and set up my follow-up appointment the lady at the front desk handed me back the check.  I was thinking that she had run it through one of those check machines like they do at Wal-mart and Sam’s, but she said, “No.  The doctor says you can void the check.”  He was so touched by Brandon, our family and the whole adoption story that he wanted to help us out financially so he voided our very large bill!  I could not believe my ears!  What a tremendous answer to prayer that was! 

I wanted to share this story with you for a few reasons.  First, this whole incident is an answer to a very specific prayer I had.  It is my heart’s desire and very much a priority in my mind to get out of debt as quickly as possible.  These financial setbacks (such as this oral surgery) get in the way of the budget and long-term goals I have for our family.  Why am I always so surprised when I pray and God answers my prayer?  I guess I am just so humbled by His greatness.  I cannot believe that such a big and awesome God listens to me and answers me and blesses me!  Second, it was a reminder to me how close orphans are to His heart.  God’s Word is true!! Though throughout the entire adoption process and since Brandon’s been home we have had many struggles and hard times, God has revealed himself to us every step of the way.  I am so thankful for this reassurance and provision. Third, today made me realize that at least as long as Brandon has his thick, (adorable) Russian accent it is very noticeable that he is adopted.  Each and every time people notice him and fall in love with him it is a podium to proclaim God’s goodness and grace in our lives.  I couldn't hold a story like this inside.  I truly think I would burst!

Thanks to all of you that took the time out to read this blog today.  And thank you for your continuous prayer and support for our family.  Yet again my faith is strengthened because I know God truly hears and answers prayer.

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  1. This is a great story, thank you for sharing. God is indeed Awesome beyond words. Blessings.