Friday, May 13, 2011

Personal Information About Brandon

13 May 2011
Many of you have been asking about Brandon's background and to all of you we have said we are not sharing this information.  I hope and pray that none of you take offense to this or think we don't love you, or think you are close to us.  But rather we hope that you respect that he is a little human being and has feelings.  I will type out our instruction brochure that we were given and hope that it makes a bit more sense the way they have it worded.

Personal and Confidential Information About Your Child

During the adoption process, you will receive personal information about your child, his or her birth family, previous living situations and/or the reason the child was released for adoption.

Please remember that this information should be kept confidential between you and your spouse only.  Out of respect for your child, and his or her birth parents, this information should not be shared with any family members or friends, no matter how close you are.  There will come a time with your child asks questions and he or she should be the one to decide if they want others to know about their birth history.  By sharing this information with anyone else, you risk the possibility of your child accidentally learning something that could be hurtful or embarrassing before they are emotionally prepared to hear their full birth history. 

Kinds of things that should be kept confidential may include but is not limited to:

1.  Birth parents names, information
2. Information about siblings
3.  Reasons for release or termination of rights
4.  Place of abandonment
5.  Orphanage conditions/previous living conditions oor situations
6. Social or medical information

Thank you from the bottom of my heart all of you that have prayed for us during this process and thank you for your continued prayers over Brandon's life!  He is a gift from God!

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