Friday, May 13, 2011

A Burden Lifted

A Burden Lifted
Today a 25 year burden on my heart was lifted!  For the majority of my life I have been burdened to adopt a child.  And today we completed our last step in our adoption.  Tears of joy flood my eyes!!  God is so good and the last week God has been so involved directly in this process.

We got a call on Wednesday that Brandon's passport was ready!  That was a miracle since the passport office was closed both on Friday and on Monday.  How on earth did his passport get from Odessa to Kiev (12 hour train ride) and from Kiev back to Odessa (12 hour train ride) from Tuesday to Wednesday?  God had His hand in that. 

After we had his passport we were free to travel back to Kiev.  Only hours before the train was ready to leave, we were able to purchase train tickets side by side on the train.  This never, ever happens.  A few hours before a train leaves they are usually sold out and never are there seats together.

We were able to get right in for his head-to-toe physical on Thursday morning at 9 am.  There was a multitude of people at the medical center, yet somehow we were moved to the front, and out of there by 10:30 am. 
Next, we had to travel to the American Embassy to begin paperwork for his American Visa.  This only took an hour and they said they would have it ready today (Friday) by 2 o'clock.

In the meantime, Tim was looking for tickets for us to fly out on Saturday.  We were prepared to pay several thousand dollars to change our tickets from May 20th to May 14th.  The first time we changed tickets (back in April it cost together an extra $1400).  These two new tickets were FREE to trade.  Yes, FREE.  God had His hand in that as well.

Things went smoothly at the VISA office today, and I was able to pick up his VISA in under 2 hours. So, now everything is done for the adoption and I have a whopping $100 grevna to spare ($12).  This will pay for our dinner tonight.  God knew exactly how much money I would need! 

Through all of these appointments, Brandon has never ever complained not once.  He has been easy going through it all.  He has sat for hours on end and done absolutely nothing. 

He loves to listen to my iPod.  He has no idea that he's listening to doctrinally sound, Christian music.  I pray that he will learn English quickly, will thrive in America and will fall in love with the very God of this Universe that made this entire adoption happen!  Until that day, please continue to pray for us. 

Thank you for following along with this journey.  Love to all of you!!

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