Thursday, May 5, 2011

One Less Lonely Heart

5 May 2011
There is one less lonely heart tonight!!!! Praise the Lord, we drove away from the orphange forever today. I love my son!
10pm 5/5/11.  I just got to the apartment in Odessa.  What a LONNNNNNNG (but productive) day!

The train ride was fine.  I hardly slept.  I'm not sure why.  I was tired enough after not really sleeping on the airplane and getting my sleep interrupted in my hotel by phone calls in Kiev.

Let me back up a bit.  We got to VIP Hotel in Izmail around 9:30 a.m.  Roman went right to the courthouse to pick up the adoption decree.  I had 20 minutes to shower and be downstairs.  We had to go to the orphanage right away for documents.  Babuskha (Brandon’s grandmother) and her son (Brandon's uncle) were there to say good bye.  They both gave me the biggest possible hugs, thanked me over and over for adopting him and made me promise to take very good care of him and keep in touch.  She gave him a gift (remote control car) and best of all she gave me TWO baby pictures of him!  I was thrilled beyond belief! Baby pictures are not something most adoptive parents get to see. 
Brandon saying Good Bye to his Deputy Director at the orphanage

I was so thankful for such a great last meeting with Babuska.  What an answer to prayer that was!  There were a lot of tears on her part and uncle's part, but Brandon was more excited than anything.  He was ready to leave with me at 10am, but Roman said we were not allowed to bring him until we had his birth certificate later this afternoon.  He actually frowned when he told him he wasn't coming with me just yet. 

One thing I thought was funny was he had told his Uncle 'both my mama and my papa play futbol" and his uncle told me that and then gave me the biggest hug.  Right before we left the orphanage to go run errands, I was able to take a picture of the Babuska, uncle and Brandon.  I was SO glad about that.

Anyway, we went to the notary, then to vital records for birth certertificate, then we had to go to a place for what is the equivalent of a US social security number.  He needed his new "social security" card.  Bad news.  The office closed at 1 and it was now 4pm!!!  It just so "happened" that our cab driver's mom works there and had a friend that was still on duty at 4pm and we were able to get his new card.  If we hadn't been able to get his card at 4pm, we would have had to stay the night in Izmail pushing everything back a full day. 

Next he changed into his new clothes.  He actually left the orphanage with not even the clothing on his back.  He had to return ALL of his shredded clothing (including socks and underwear) to the orphanage.  Once he had changed into the clothing we bought for him back in the States, he placed the clothing that belonged to the orphanage in the plastic bag and we all got in the taxi to drop it off at the orphanage.  He said in English "Bye Bye Internot" (Internot is the name of the orphanage) to make me laugh as we drove away. I was so thankful he did not cry.  He was completely thrilled with his new outfit, Adidas jacket, backpack, etc.  I waited about an hour into the Odessa taxi ride to pull out the DSI Nintendo Game.  He LOVES that thing.  He had never seen or played with one before but he has already figured out on his own how to paint and draw on it and how to play the games.  I think his favorite game is Mario Kart....a boy after his daddy's own heart!  He also likes the Hot Wheels racing game.

His first American Outfit

Our apartment in Odessa is on the 8th floor.  It is in the perfect location since it is close to everything.  Brandon's sleeping on the hideaway couch in the living room area with Roman.  We went dinner at a fancy Italian place, but I didn't care how much it cost.  I was thankful it was right across the street.  Did I mention I have actually been awake for 2 full days and had only 1 meal that entire time????  I deserved a good meal!!  However, the food was "eh."  I let Brandon order whatever he wanted and he ordered "dessert."  Whatever.  The kid is such a go-with-the-flow boy and has done so well with traveling and being dragged all over for appointments, I figured the boy can have dessert for dinner!  We got back to this hotel, I had him change into his pajamas (which he LOVES) and brush his teeth.  Then he asked if he could play DSI a bit more before bed.  When the lights go out, he's going to sleep well!  I can tell he is beat. 

Oh, it was so funny, he insisted on wearing a seatbelt for the taxi.  They don't commonly wear seatbelts in Ukraine,  but somehow it made him feel like a super hero in the movies.  It was so funny.

Tomorrow I have to walk around Odessa to find a suitcase.  Babuska sent him with his childhood puppy dog stuffed animal (which clearly I love and cherish more than he's a man thing..Mama's always cherish things like that more than their sons), and a brand new remote control monster truck. 

I can tell already, even though it’s dark outside, that it's nice here in Odessa.

Brandon playing with his Monster Truck from "Babuskha"

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