Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our First Overnight Trainride

30 Mar 2011

The bus station was hectic to say the least.  I should not have worn my heels that day!  We forgot to eat something before we boarded.  I guess we figured since it was an overnight ride (like the airline services) we would be fed dinner on board.  This was not the case!  The train was very hot and the cabins were even more stuffy.  It is hard to sleep because the train stops every so often to let passangers off at their stops and all the lights come on and there is a lot of commotion with people getting off the train. 

Our cabin consisted of an older lady, her daughter and her baby son.  The baby son fussed the whole night long.  The older lady snored really, really loud.  And the young mother kept turning on the cabin lights to nurse her fussy son. 
We finally arrived at our station in Melitopol at 5:30 am and were greeted by our jolly cab driver who had a little bit too much caffeine! :)  We were tired and hungry.  There was no time to be tired or eat though!  We were about to meet Maxim and Roman!!!

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