Thursday, March 31, 2011

Meeting Maxim and Roman

31 March 2011

Today totally did not play out like I have been imagining in my mind for months now.  I guess I somehow pictured (lights, camera, action...)  the boys running up to us, throwing their arms around us and saying "Mama and Papa I love you!!!!"  (cut. cut. cut) Um. Not even close. I've heard people are most disappointed when they have dramatized preconceived ideas in their minds.  This was definitely the case for me. 

Once we arrived at the orphanage the caregiver went to get the boys from class.  We were standing at the foot of the stairs.  When the boys came around the corner, Roman's face immediately lit up.  He recognized us from the photos we had sent to him.  Maxim had no emotion.  He just walked up to Tim and gave him a forced obligatory manly handshake and walked away with his head down. 

The caregiver lead us to a private room to chat with the case worker, our facilitator and the boys.  Roman kept looking back at us as he walked and was smiling.  He was blinking like "is this a dream or is this for real?"

The case work sat the boys down and told them we were there to adopt them, but we were not going to force them to be adopted if they did not want to be adopted and she told them some other legal mumble jumble.  Maxim stated right away with his arms crossed "I'm not going anywhere with them. I am fine here with all my friends." Then he started to cry.  Once he cried, Roman's smile was replaced with tears also.

(Sigh) We're hoping for a better day tomorrow.  They say this is normal for boys his age.

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