Sunday, March 27, 2011

The City

27 March 2011

Our luggage arrived!!  Let me back up for a minute...

Everything at the airport went so smoothly.  Last week Larissa (our adoption agent) told us to make sure at the Kiev airport to get in the blue & white "non-visa" passport control line.  They asked us a few questions like "Why are you coming to Ukraine?" and "Where will you be staying?"  Larissa warned us that they were gov't officials and you would NOT receive a smile, but they would appear to be very stern.  She wasn't kidding!  I saw in the distance my suitcase coming across the belt, so I darted off for it!  Tim was still in line being questioned, but he's a grown man and can fend for himself.... haha  I got my suitcase, even if I did leave my husband in the dust.

After we claimed our luggage, Larissa had told us to get in the "green" line to the customs claims area.  This man was VERY stern.  I thought sure he was going to deport us.  He also asked us pointed questions, and looked at us like we were guilty of something illegal.. but then he stamped it and signed it and told us to "exit to the city." Alright then!

Right outside the doors was Andre, our driver, holding a sign with our name on it.  He grabbed my luggage and walked very fast...I was out of breath by the time we reached the car....He drove like a lunatic and there were no seat belts in the car.  It looked like we were going to have several head on collisions, thank goodness we all survived. But he was very nice and spoke very good English. 

Our apartment is in a great spot downtown.  It is very close to everything.  I cannot wait to get out and explore.  I'm anxious to get some pictures of the amazing architecture.

We were very relieved when he said we could rest for today and would not have to meet with Konstantine, our facilitator until tomorrow.  We were also very hungry----but tired outweighed hunger.

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