Monday, January 13, 2014

We Arrived in Ukraine!

We arrived safely in Ukraine and were greeted with a fresh layer of snow.  Poor Tim had just traveled home from business in Germany and so he somehow caught a cold.  We took our 22-hour trek back to Ukraine and went straight to see Edik. 

It was so neat because we picked up right from where we left off with Edik.  It was like we were never away from him for a month and a half.  He came straight to us and gave us hugs.  He held out his hand and introduced himself to our taxi driver.  It was so polite!

The other family that is adopting from this orphanage told us that they are good about letting the children keep gifts we give the kids.  So we brought him some new clothing and some smaller gifts for a late Christmas.  He really liked his new clothing. 

We didn't stay long because we were exhausted from our travels.  We came back to the apartment, Tim fetched us take-out dinner at an Italian restaurant called Oliva and we fell fast asleep!

Pray for us Tuesday at 7am EST.  We will be having our court hearing then.  Upon a favorable decision by the judge, we will travel back home on Wednesday and I will return whenever the court documents are complete (usually 10 days later). 

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  1. What a handsome little guy! Will be praying for you and your court day! Poor Tim, its not fun to be sick and travel at the same time. Blessings!