Sunday, August 21, 2011

Funny Story

Friday when I picked up the kids from school, Brandon was clearly ticked off about something.  His scowl was deep and his arms were crossed. I said, “What’s wrong, Brandon?  Why are you so mad?” We’ll call the following boy “George” to protect his identity.  He answered, “George no my friend.  George laugh me reading. Friends no laugh (at) friends.”  Kylie verified this boy (and another boy) truly laughed at Brandon while reading out loud.  We were really disappointed in George because he has been over to our house a few times and spent the night.  I wasn’t sure what in the world to do.  I hate to be the type of parent that always rescues her son.  There has to be a time where a kid learns to deals with problems on their own.

I confided in a friend who adopted a child a year ago from Ukraine and she and her husband suggested that we just speak to the teacher to let him/her know that this is going on.  We are on this teacher's side, but this behavior toward our son (who already struggles to get out the door to school each day) is unacceptable.  We were also going to speak with the boys’ parents so they are aware of what is happening.  We would want to know as parents if our kids were making fun of other students.  We do not tolerate that behavior at all.

So, today on our car ride home after church Brandon says, “George is my friend.”  I said, “I thought you weren’t friends anymore because he laughed at you while reading.”  He said, “Church, George say he wants sit by me.  Me said no.  You no my friend and you no sit here. You laugh.  Me reading.'  George said, ‘I’m sorry.  I no laugh no more.’  Me said, ‘You sorry?  It’s okay.  You friend.  Please sit’.” 

Okay, then.  I guess they “kissed and made up” so to speak.  It’s nice to know boys don’t hold grudges forever like girls!  I'm also glad I don't need to speak to anyone either because Brandon handled it on his own. :)  Brandon isn't playing around, People.  You mess with him and he'll let you know what he thinks of you.  But he does forgive.  Awesome.

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