Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another Perspective

For almost a year now all of our friends and family have been praying about our adoption.  Most have been very welcoming toward Brandon.  He's been home 3 months now and he really loves it here in America (minus the school work).  I want to share another perspective of this welcoming.  This is just one example I am sharing of many, so I thought it was necessary.
At soccer practice last night all sorts of boys came up to Brandon, said his name and did the manly handshake thing.  Even teenage girls and adults were saying "Hi" to him.  Katie, Kylie and Haley stood right beside him and no one even acknowledged them.  Katie leaned over and said to me, "How come everyone knows his name and likes him and he's been here 3 months and no one knows my name and I've lived here 5 years?"  It was a genuine hurt feelings tone of voice.
I really appreciate everyone being so welcoming of Brandon.  Please keep it coming.  He really feels the love and the kid needs lots of love.  He thrives on this love.  It means a lot to Tim and I that many of you go out of your way to talk with him and make friends with him.  However, if the girls are standing there, could you please at least say hi to them as well?  I know no one is intentionally leaving them out, but from their little perspectives, Brandon is a superstar and they're not important to anyone at all.  Thanks, Guys!

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  1. PSHHH! We LOVE those girls! Christian says DAILY how much he wishes Kylie was in his class! :( Makes me sad to think that they feel this way!! I see Kylie a lot and even Haley, but I never see Katie. Maybe we can all get together some time? Just meet for dinner or something? You have four awesome kids and I'm sure that even through the hurt feelings they understand that people are just trying to make him feel welcome. Those girls have sweet hearts and I'm sure once things become more normal it won't seem so one sided. Hugs to all of you! You are a super mom Carinda!