Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Break!!!

We were supposed to take Spring Break last week, but since it was only in the 50's and rainy all week, we postponed it until this week.  It's one of the many perks of homeschooling!!  It was neat because Tim could take a day off work to come with the 5 crazies and I to the beach!  It was an absolute blast.  We stayed at the beach about 3 hours, had a picnic there, and Tim got us all ice cream cones before coming back home.

It was a much needed break from home schooling and work.  We are still getting to know Matthew since he's been home under 2 months, so it was a great day of bonding with him as well.  He is so much fun to be around and is a lively addition to our family.  He worked over an hour to dig a hole and wanted us to bury him in it with just his head showing.  Kylie and Haley "decorated him" with sea shells.

The Atlantic water was VERY cold so only Kylie and Matthew went in the water.  The rest of us were big chickens.  Tim's excuse was that he's just getting over a cold and doesn't want to get sick again.  The actual temperature outside the water was about 88 degrees, so it was the perfect day for the beach.  We realize the trip to the beach was likely the calm before the storm.  Spring sports have started up for Matthew, Kylie and Tim and we will be running all over town from softball games, to indoor soccer games, to horse riding, to church activities, and back to the house to finish up our school year.  We are thankful for precious relaxation, family time, and glorious sunshiny weather!!!.

Our Katie Bug is growing up!

Kylie girl is not afraid of the cold

Matthew and Katie digging a hole

Tim's devious smile as he buries him..

Kylie and Haley put sea shells on him to decorate him

Sweet Haley Bee collecting shells

Katie and Tim relaxing....Matthew and Kylie in the background

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  1. It looks as if you all had a great family vacation. May the Lord continue to bless your family.