Friday, April 11, 2014

Let the Madness Begin!

I had no idea we could be so busy as a homeschool family.  We quit traditional private school to homeschool with the intent of slowing down the world, but we are actually so busy!  It's a good kind of busy, though and we are all enjoying our Spring. 

It is nice having a calm morning of doing school work as our evenings are a bit rushed having dinner around 6pm, chores and then out the door for activities.  We've been thankful that so far we have been able to keep our priority of always eating dinner together as a family.  We feel it is so important to have dinner together if possible.

Tomorrow is opening day for Kylie and Matthew's Spring leagues!!  Kylie is nervous and Matthew is counting down the minutes practically.  He is so excited.

Here is a list of our Spring schedule that will run through the first week of June:

Monday: Haley flute lessons and Kylie softball practice or game

Tuesday: Matthew indoor soccer practice and Tim softball game

Wednesday: AWANA and softball practice or game

Thursday: Kylie horse riding lessons

Friday: Homeschool activities and Kylie softball practice or game

Saturday: Matthew indoor soccer game and Tim softball practice

I won't lie.  I admit that I rejoice in the rare occasion when something is rained out.  It's nice to have a break from time to time in the weekly schedule.  This is the first time any of our kids have had regular weekly sports since Brandon was living and it takes a little getting used to kids going in opposite directions and Tim & I each having to take someone somewhere. 

We've had a stretch of absolutely beautiful weather lately.  It's always awesome to see a week full of Sunshine and 70+ temperatures on my iPhone app!!!  Our lawn is turning green and our trees are getting fuller.  Everything is blooming and cheerful.  Spring is definitely my favorite season of the year!  We trust everyone is enjoying their Spring as well!

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