Friday, September 13, 2013

Someone Had a Birthday :)

Tim, around 2 years old
This handsome guy had a birthday!  I love him so much and I feel very blessed to be his wife.  As I thought about my man today, I recalled that I met him the July before his 18th birthday, so I guess that means we were basically childhood sweethearts.  This makes 16 total birthdays that I’ve been able to celebrate with him.  It’s been so much fun to “grow up” with my best friend.  It’s been the best 16 years of my life!

We have had so many good times.  When I first learned a new family was moving into the vacant house next to my family’s house, I heard that the oldest boy in the family was going into the Air Force and it peaked my interest. Hmmm…A man in uniform might be nice. ;)  News travelled fast throughout the neighborhood and ALL the girls on the street wanted him!

He wasn’t exactly my “type” since I had always dated guys who were at least two years older than me.  I’d been out of high school and entire year and had worked at a bank for 2 years prior to that along with going to the local community college. He was 11 months younger than me and probably SO immature, because as you know, boys mature slower than girls.  My dad dragged me over to meet the new neighbors and give them the cookies my mom baked.  Though reluctant to walk next door to meet the cute-Air-Force-guy with my (sweaty) basketball clothing on, Dad insisted and from the moment Tim and I met we were best friends.   

He was so different from the other guys that I’d dated.  He was so honest and sincere.  He was genuine.  He was SOOO dreamy!  His kind, hazel eyes were what immediately grabbed my heart….and his warm, shy smile.  We did just about everything together (community college, rollerblading, hiking, movies, soccer, bike riding, etc) from the July we met until he left for basic training in January of 1998. 

September 1997
The rest is history!  He’s my sweet heart and my Honey.  I love him so much!  Happy Birthday!!!

September 1997
Little Miss Kylie made him a special book for his birthday that I’d like to share with everyone.  It made us both smile, so we hope you smile too!  I left the spelling mistakes because it’s awesome the way it is and I don’t want to change a thing.  She wrote 34 bullet points for 34 years of his life.

Why I love you, by Kylie:

1.        The 1st day I met you I thought you’de be the best dad ever and I was write.

2.       I love you because your funny and you always pick on me.

3.       When I do wrong and I get in trouble, you always cheer me up and give me a big hug.

4.       I love when you give me the cuddle-cuddles (he grabs the kids and holds them in a giant bear hug while they moan and groan pretending they don’t want cuddle cuddles)

5.       When I’m scarred or sad you let me sleep in your room

6.       When you want to read and I ask if you can come swim or jump on the trampalean you do it though you wanted to read

7.       You always take me on bike rides

8.       You make the BEST CHEESE burgers and HOT dogs ever!!!!

Chapter 2, What I love to do with you:

9.        On weekends I love to stay up late and watch movies with you

10.   I think it fun when we play board games with you and Katie

11.   I enjoy playing the Wii with you also

12.   When I have trouble on math or spelling you ALWAYS help me

13.   I don’t know how but you can tell when I’m lonely or sad, and you try as hard as you can to make it better

14.   If I want music on my MP3 player you put in on there

15.   My favorite of all is spending time with you, just me and you on my DADDY DATES

Chapter 3, Favorite thing I like to do with you:

16.    Favorite time of year is Christmas.  When dad gets the Christmas decorations and Christmas tree.  It’s fun putting the ornaments on the tree.  When it’s Christmas morning I wake up at 7 and jump on your bed “stocking time and then presents!” Katie and I say.  We have beakfast and cookies and presents.

17.   I also like summer cause school ends and we go on vacation also swim.  It’s fun doing the 10-foot dive and you throwing us in the pool.  We don’t have to worry about homework.

18.   I love playing soccer with you and roller bladeing.

19.   Though you stink I still love you nomader what.

20.   At church I love to sit by you cause you scratch my back.  It feels so good.

21.   You write the best emails.  I love hearing from you.

22.   I know you really like cookie dough but you still share it with us.

23.   When I was little at night you always did snug as a bug in a rug.

24.   On Sunday mornings you tickle me till I wake up.

25.   You bring us to the park for fun sometimes

26.   When we go to the beach you throw Frisbees to me and do sand castels with me and also find sea shells

27.   When we go hiking you find turtles and frogs and bugs and lizards

28.   When you come back from (business) trips you always bring us back a gift.

Chapter 4, Places you take me:

29.    When you have a baseball game you always take me.

30.   On Mom’s days offs you take us to school.

31.   Sometimes you take us to fun places like Putt Putt golf for ICE CREAM.

32.   When Katie wants to go to the craft store, you sometimes take us to one.

33.   You take us to walmart and food lion

34.   Best of all you give us love and sometimes mercy.  We love you so much!



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