Saturday, October 19, 2013

Family Time!

Against my will, my family dragged me out for a hike at a park about an hour from our home. I was a little down because of what happened in Ukraine. The kids were off from school Friday and Tim took the day off to spend with the rest of the family.  We needed some quality family time to regroup after this crazy life of ours lately!

It was an absolutely beautiful Fall day here.  It's finally getting cooler and it made hiking awesome.  I hate hiking when you drip with sweat and there are a lot of bugs. 

It has actually been an entire year since our family went out to hike.   The girls had been complaining that it was a LONG time since we hiked.  We used go hiking a few times a month, so they were dying to get out and hike. 

Anyway, the hike was just what the doctor ordered.  It was so much fun and it sure was nice to get outdoors and clear my head while just enjoying my family.


She hiked the whole way holding
a slug and a leaf bug in her left hand



  1. I am sooooo glad to see what Christ has done in Andrew's broken little life. He did what we humans could not do. All of our efforts alone couldn't mend the soul. You are accomplishing what you've set out to do~not only rescue a child, but bring him to Christ and raise him for the Lord. I am so thrilled to see him shine Christ everyday! His little eyes are lit up with happiness. I hear he wants to be a missionary to the orphans in the Ukraine!!! What an awesome reward that will be to have a part in all of the little souls he brings to Christ!!

  2. Oh, Carinda - what a great report, and what AWESOME pictures!!! Wow! Beautiful family! Thinking of you and praying for the little mister there. I'm sure not all days are like this, but isn't it nice to finally getting a break now and then?? I need more of those, especially from lying! :)

  3. I am so glad that you were able to go hiking as a family. It is great that Andrew is doing so much better. Our family loves hiking. I hope that by next year, I will be healed enough to begin hiking again. May the Lord continue to bless your family.