Thursday, September 5, 2013

17 Days of School

We are now completing almost 3 weeks of school around here.  So far we’ve had some textbooks and homework planners go MIA.  We’ve “signed the book” a few times (sometimes my fault and Tim’s for not signing the planners, sometimes talking in class was the reason).  We received a few D’s on quizzes or tests.  We got a few “NA’s” (Not Acceptable) grades on the penmanship tests.  We’ve received some “warnings” regarding dress code.  We’ve had a little morning drama involving screaming, tears and things flying around the kitchen aimed at other human beings.  We’ve shown up to school without our hair brushed and with tooth paste on our uniforms.  We’ve had a few sore throats, scraped knees and mosquito bites.  There’s been spilled soup in the lunchroom (so tragic at the middle school age), yogurt that’s landed in the lap, plastic spoons forgotten at home, lost homework, tears on the playground and missed birthday parties.

BUT!!!  All and all, we cannot complain.  It has been a good year so far.   We have had NO trips to the principal's office, NO forgotten lunches, NO stealing or tantrums, NO punching other kids, NO injuries and no MEMOS from teachers/principals!!!!  The kids all go to school happy and come home happy (the majority of the time). 

I worried about Kylie merging back into the classroom and her anxiety, but she has really done very well.  I received a simple email from her teacher saying, “Kylie is a dear.”  (Thanks.  We’re quite fond of her!!  Oh, how I miss her when she’s at school.  Homeschooling her ROCKED and I miss it.)  Kylie is working hard every night on her school work.  She has not complained even one time about the amount of homework she brings home.  She is my girl who ALWAYS does her best and ALWAYS writes very neatly.

 Sweet Katie-Bug hit the ground running in 7th grade and she is tackling all her assignments quite well.  She has a heavy volume of homework to accomplish each night, but I’m SO VERY thankful for my 1st born daughter, my eager learner and self-motivated child!!  It is nice to know I never have to check up on her to make sure she’s doing what she is supposed to do.

Little Miss Haley-Bee-Alissa is our precious “problem child” at the present time (Can’t we all behave all at one time?).  It’s nothing major as of yet, but her tendencies are beginning to be a problem.  It really does seem she has trouble focusing and staying on task.  She is SO easily distracted (OH, look! Squirrel!!).  Her handwriting is doctor-like-ish.  She’s scatter-brained, forgets things and loses things (and even begins looking for whatever it is, but then forgets what she’s lost).  Her brain is off somewhere else a lot of the time---in Haley-La-La-Land thinking about a land filled with ice cream, turtles, frogs and new baby kittens.  I’m not exactly sure what to make of it all.  She’s always been our “slow poke” and easily distracted child, but it seems to be worsening lately.  Whatever is going on with her, we intend to figure it out and hopefully nip it in the bud.  (My dear, youngest child, there are TWO of us parents in this house and only ONE of your cute, little self.  We are going to come up with a very good plan to fix this. Charm will not get you out of this, so don’t even try). 

 Anyone have any ideas of a very good plan?  Anyone?  (Please don’t say to set a timer.  We’ve tried the timer and frankly, we over-used the timer to the point where it is no longer effective and it is actually more of a distraction to her with the ticking and moving numbers and all).  All you experienced parents, I’m calling on you for advice and reinforcement.  Thank you in advance!

Anyway, I’m so thankful for answered prayer regarding school this year!  Please pray that Katie and Kylie continue to have a good year.   Please pray for Haley and that we will be able to pinpoint whatever is going on with her and then help her snap out of it.  Finally, pray for Tim & I to have wisdom, discernment, unity, peace, patience and strength.  17 days of school are finished—only 163 more to go!!! Phew! 


  1. So glad to hear of the good report in Andrew's life. I am sure that Jesus is making a big difference! I get at least one hug a day from both him and Haley.

  2. LOVE your post! I have a kiddo with ADD but he's on meds, so every day once the meds kick in, he's fine and can focus. Otherwise it's impossible for him to get anything done. We had tried many things before medicating him, but to no avail. Sorry I'm not much help here.
    So great to see a good report on Andrew! He sure is one handsome little dude! And your little Kylie sounds soooo much like mine, although we're dealing with depression right now. :(

  3. Sounds like Haley. is having trouble using her executive skills. This book was helpful for me with my kids.

  4. I think Haley has been eating too much healthy food. It's making her brain work too quickly, so to everyone else it looks like she is not concentrating. Put her back on all the junk food and she'll be fine. (I hope you can tell this is all written in jest.) May our Father continue to bless you with parenting wisdom and lead you to the right answer for this as He has done many times for you before.