Monday, November 25, 2013

Mama and Papa

Today was our favorite day with Edik so far.  When we first arrived Edik was on his way to class, but he spotted us and it caught him off guard that we were there at his school so early in the morning.   He made a surprised sound like “Oh!” and gave us both big hugs.  He walked with us to the director’s office.  When we got there we had our translator tell him that we missed seeing him yesterday.   He was quick to say, “I missed you both yesterday too.”  I was very excited that the director gave us 2 pictures of him that were in his file.  Pictures are like treasures to me.  I almost broke down crying because not many orphan children have any pictures of them when they are younger. 
The director served us tea, chocolate and cookies.  It was such a treat because I was starving.  This was our first meeting with the inspector (case worker) and it went very well.  We now have both the director and inspector on board for the adoption—what an answer to prayer that is! 
Later we had a chance to go upstairs to the recreation room alone with Edik while our facilitator worked on paperwork with the director.  Tim and Edik built a Lego Car together.  I enjoyed watching and taking pictures.  Then they played together with some toys we bought him.  He really came out of his shell and laughed a lot while we played.  He laughed hysterically at Tim trying to duck and dodge the toy they were throwing back and forth.  I was able to get him on video laughing.  He has an “all-boy” quality that is so much fun.  Tim and Edik would throw the toy as hard as they could at each other and then the toy would ricochet off each other.  Hitting each other in the back of the heads or bottoms apparently is hysterical to this little guy.  They would drop kick it, throw it behind their backs and do all kinds of tricks with it.

We got to have lunch again today with Edik.  We had yummy potato soup and a plate of mashed potatoes with meat over the top.  During lunch the facilitator asked Edik if he’d rather call us “Tim and Carinda” or “Mama and Papa.” He eagerly said, “Mama and Papa.” We told him we like that as well.  So that is what he calls us now (gives me goose bumps!) She asked him if he wants to be adopted and he timidly nodded and smiled.   She asked what his favorite part of today was and he said he enjoyed playing with the Legos and toys in the recreation room. 

We love him to pieces already.  He is a precious boy and SO VERY CUTE!!  We are ready to bring him home.   We wish with all our hearts we could take him home now so he could be home for Christmas.  However, it will likely not be until mid-January before we get home with him.  This region is very difficult with paperwork and it’s hard to get a court date.  Please keep praying.  It would be so special to at least get him home before Ukrainian Christmas which is January 7th, but will take a miracle!  God is able!  We are so very thankful that God has led us to Edik and that he calls us “Mama and Papa.”

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name. (Psalm 100:4)



  1. WHAAAAT?!!!!! WOW, you crazy people - way to go!!!! So excited for you!!!! I've been so separated from blogs and FB for a while, this is such exciting news!

    1. I know, we're crazy!!! But oh, so much in love with this fella!

  2. What a handsome little guy. It is so wonderful that he already calls you all Mama and Papa. I hope you all will be able to bring him home very soon. May the Lord continue to bless your family.