Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy 12th Birthday, Katie!

Happy 12th birthday to our first born daughter, Katie! I love your passion for living life to the fullest & your drive for perfection. I love your teachable spirit. I love your laugh & sense of humor. I love your leadership qualities & how you enjoy helping out around the house. Most of all I love your discipline & desire to read God's Word every day and to obey it. I love you SO much!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, as a birthday surprise we worked on painting and organizing Katie's bedroom while she was at camp.  When she came home from camp she had been throwing up on the bus, so her reaction was not as enthusiastic as we had hoped.  However, now that she is feeling better she has been very thankful and has said how much she loves her new bedroom over and over.  She is always a very thankful child.  Our sweet girl thanks us for dinners that she doesn't even like, and she has probably thanked us 30 times since she's been home for her bedroom.

We are truly blessed by our Katie Bug.  She is a delightful child who has kept me on my toes since she was born.  As a baby she battled lactose intolerance, colic and was very fussy.  She threw up everything the doctors prescribed.  Yet, she was the most active and exciting baby in the whole nursery as she jumped up and down in the saucers while the other babies just sat and drooled on themselves.  At 9 months she climbed out of her crib...I swear she scaled the walls like spider man because her crib was on the lowest setting.  I called the crib company to ask them if they had a "lid" for their crib....they thought I was joking. ;) She's always been our "Houdini" as she could open the child-proof cupboards and doors, and remove the safety plugs from the outlets better than I could. As a toddler she was a living picture of a "terrible two-year-old" complete with tantrums and defiance.  Yet she has grown into a young lady who does not show any rebellion in her sweet spirit.   We rarely have discipline problems with her at all.  She is the leader of our pack and keeps all the littles in line.  She is such loving and kind daughter. God has worked in her life and made her who she is.  We are truly honored to be her parents. 

6 Months old
9 months old
2 years old
3 years old
5 years old

Birthday card from Gram Kerr before she died--Gram
never could remember how to spell Katie. :)
Katie 11 years old...she's not a fan of picture taking :(

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  1. Happy Birthday, Katie! It was funny that you asked about a lid for her crib. I saw a show the other day. The people had quintuplets. They bought "tents" for the tops of all the cribs. It was made out of net and fastened on to the tops of the cribs. From then on, all the babies could not escape at sleep time. May the Lord continue to bless your family.