Saturday, May 11, 2013

Men Are Boys in Men Bodies

I asked my hubby what he wanted for our 14th wedding anniversary gift and he said a batting net and a tee.  ????????? Men are just little boys in men bodies!  Whatever floats your boat, Hunny!  Happy Anniversary a little early, Tim.  (I asked for the entire 10 seasons of Friends.) 

We had a little scare 2 days ago. The kids were playing on our playground out back and Kylie fell through the floor and scraped herself up pretty bad. It could have been much worse, but now the playground is off limits to the kids and we are probably taking it down. We've only had it 7 years, but since she's fallen, we've discovered several of the planks are dry rotted.   We've weather treated it a few times, but still it is in bad shape.

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