Tuesday, January 24, 2012


This peacock may not look like much to you, but to my almost 7-year-old this is a treasure.  I snicker to myself as I recall right after Christmas an olive-skinned mall vendor was selling these plush toys “at a discount.”  Haley (as well as Kylie) adored this toy and begged to have it.  He said to us, “Online you pay at least $60.  Today, I give you a GOOD deal.  I give it to you for $30 dollars.”  Haley pulled out her wallet and a bunch of one dollar bills and said boldly, “I’ll give you TEN dollars.”  He laughed (a little embarrassed by her precise offer), “Oh, you make deal, huh?”

She was not joking.  She would not be scoffed at.  She would give him TEN dollars and not a penny more.   
He was not willing to budge.  Miss Little Haley Alissa (my cheap accountant mini-me) was not willing to budge either.  We walked away forever!
So, I went online a little while ago “online” and found this beauty at a whopping $11.88.  It sure doesn’t take much to please my Haley.  Oh, how I love this child!
Shh!!  It's a secret.  It's for her birthday on February 3rd.  (Fingers crossed it arrives from amazon.com on time.)

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