Saturday, January 7, 2012

Merry Ukrainian Christmas!

To Russian speaking countries today is Christmas.  So, Merry Christmas all of you who have adopted Ukrainian children or who are perhaps Ukrianian yourselves.  A year ago I had decided in my mind that we would be celebrating today complete with Ukrainian dishes and decorations.  I wanted the first Christmas to be special.  Well, somewhere between Brandon's homework, American Christmas and traveling to New York and Maryland it slipped my mind.  We will likely visit the Russian Restaurant downtown sometime today.  Surely there will be special decorations and music happening there.

Today is also a very sad day for me.  It is Roman's 10th birthday today.  A year ago I envisioned celebrating his special "double digit" birthday with him.  I wish he were here, but it's bittersweet because if Roman were here, Brandon would not be.  I am afraid  I will always remember "my" sweet Roman.  He is still very close to my heart.  I loved him for almost 8 months as if he were my own child.  Where there is love and then loss, there is also grieving as well.

At any rate, I imagine he is having a fun time today if even his own birthday is not acknowleged at the orphanage, but for Ukrainian Christmas! Perhaps he received a special shoe box sent out by Operation Christmas Child. 

So anyway, Merry Christmas all, and Happy 10th Birthday, Roman.  I love you.

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