Tuesday, April 12, 2011


12 April 2011

Sergey and "Babuskha"

Today was a bitter sweet day: We "got" to meet Sergey's dear, old grandmother (aka "Babuskha") who does NOT want to let him go. She loves him dearly but is really, old and cannot afford to be a guardian for a young boy. So poor Sergey endured a 3+ hour lecture about how he is her only young grandson and what joy he is taking away and she will probably die if he leaves her behind.....She understands that we can offer him a better life and a family, but still her heart hurts......Who can blame her for loving her grandson?  It's such a sad situation, but Brandon signed a statement that he does want to be adopted and he assured his grandmother that he wants to go to America because he knows that is what is best for his life. 

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