Thursday, November 6, 2014

Here I Am!

I’ve had several people get on my case about not writing in this blog for an unreasonable amount of time. So here I am!  Where have I been?  I’ve been off thinking (always dangerous) and making some changes (scary) in our lives and now we are finally getting into the swing of things.

A few months ago I read a book called The World Book of Happiness by Leo Bormans.  There is no shortage of books or blogs out there on the topic of happiness as most people are constantly trying to seek happiness.  Most authors conclude the same things and give a lot of the same advice. As turbulent as my life has been the last 3 years, I figured it was fine time I research bringing more happiness back into my life.  Obviously I look at things from a biblical worldview and alter concepts to fit into my biblical worldview, but here are a few things that stood out from Bormans’ book.

  1.  Accept what you have if you can’t change it.
  2. Change what you don’t like if you can.
  3. Cherish the ones you love and cut out the ones who drag you down.
  4. Don’t compare.
  5. Stop worrying what other people think.
  6. Always be positive.
  7. Live like there is no tomorrow.

I began to look at these ideas one by one and there are certainly areas I need to work harder.  Some things in my life needed change and over the course of several months I changed several things that just were a constant burden on my heart. 

I’ve written months ago about our move from the hectic world of the dreaded commute to homeschooling.  Homeschooling worked for a season of time and now our kids all attend public school.  For the most part, public school is going well.  It has really opened our eyes regarding having our children in the same Christian bubble all their lives.  They have grown so much in the last few months.  I must say I am SO proud of them!  God has truly blessed us with amazing children!

We also have chosen to attend a different church.  There was no one thing about our former church that made us leave and we harbor no ill will.  There are just times in life when it’s best to pack up and move to further His Kingdom in other places.  If you think about the early churches in the New Testament, moving around and ministering in different areas expanded the gospel so much better than if, say, the Apostle Paul had driven down roots in just one church for his entire adult life.  In my opinion the church is not a building any way.  The church is the body of Christ and those relationships never go away.  My brothers and sisters in Christ are always going to be my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ.  Attending a church in a new location doesn’t change that.  We continue to be sensitive to God’s leading and where He wants us to serve and be served.

I’ve found that it’s in silence most times that we hear from the Lord the most.  In silence rest occurs.  When we hear from the Lord and are rested, healing can begin.  Happiness is the Lord.

I’ll talk more about these things in the future, I’m sure.  But for now, I better make this post so it doesn’t get too long.  And I’ll ask you to consider if any of these points stand out to you in your own life?  What is sucking the happiness out of your life?

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  1. I'm glad to be able to read your posts again. For awhile, I couldn't access them. I hope all continues to go well with your family this year.