Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer's Almost Over---Myrtle Beach 2014

 What a hectic, crazy summer with my job searching, school touring, traveling, Tim's business trips, tutoring Matthew, camps, and so much more!  We received a 25% off coupon to use for a Myrtle Beach resort, so we decided to take the kids on one final vacation before the hectic school year begins.

We almost cancelled our trip because the Honda Pilot needed repairs and also the forecast was 70% chance of rain the whole time.  Boy, are we glad we didn't cancel because the weather was absolutely gorgeous!  The ocean was warm enough to swim and boogie board, yet the breeze coming off the ocean made the 93-degree temperatures bearable to just sit and sun bathe. 

We spent our days in the ocean, in the lazy river, in the pool or hot tub, watching free movies and shopping.  The girlies spent their money on a ukelele, sweatshirts, t-shirts, beach towels, beach bags and earrings.  Matthew saved most of his money, but found a pocket knife he wanted. It was funny because we spent the afternoon Monday shopping, and then Tuesday the girls had decided they wanted to exchange most of their things, so we spent Tuesday returning to all the stores we went to Monday.  Buyer's remorse much? (The guys rolled their eyes, but after all, it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind!)

 We enjoyed frozen yogurt, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, bagels, a breakfast buffet, the beach snack bar and pizza.  It was a treat for me not to have to cook or clean up.  It was so nice to get away from life for 3 days.  We didn't have to worry about school, work, the news reports on suicides, beheadings or politics.  We cut electronic and internet usage down to a bare minimum.  We just enjoyed our kids and lived in the moment.  It was a much needed break and we are so very thankful our Honda Pilot repairs did not cost too much so we didn't have to cancel our small vacation.  I'm so thankful for my precious family that God has given me, for good weather and for 25% discounts for family vacations!

Matthew and Haley caught a good wave!

Kylie and Matthew waiting for a good wave

He's grown so tall this summer!

Kylie playing volley ball with Dad

Matthew and Haley digging a giant hole

Man made beach chair

The lazy river wasn't so lazy with these two knocking each other off ;)

Katie Bug

Matthew and Haley enjoying the hot tub--it was Matthew's favorite

Our view from our hotel balcony

Matthew killing time while the girls shop, Tim in the background sleeping

Cooling off with some frozen yogurt

The girlies' favorite pass time!!

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