Monday, July 21, 2014


This past Saturday night I was over at my parents' house working on a surprise for Katie's birthday.  Tim was home alone with the kids.

Haley found a sweet stray kitten and brought it into the house.  Tim was upstairs "working" on this computer.  Haley nonchalantly went upstairs and asked Tim, "Am I allowed to bring a cat into the house?"

I imagine it took Tim a few moments to realize  and process the question because he zones out when he's "working" on his computer. 

"NOO!!!!" he finally said and jumped out of his chair.

Haley: "Oh, cuz I kinda already did and now I can't catch it to put it back outside."

Apparently Reese (our cat) is VERY territorial and was aggressively chasing and attacking the sweet baby kitty.  Under the bed the cats went screaming and hissing.  Out of the bed.  Under the bed....RAARRRRRR!!!!!

Tim was finally able to catch the frightened cat only because Reese had cornered her in our walk-in closet. 

Usually Reese is a very friendly cat.  She thinks she is a human.  She is commonly found on someone's lap purring.  So it was definitely out of character to her to be hissing and it shocked Haley.  Reese made it very clear she is not open to making new friends. 

Most times stray cats stick around after someone is friendly and feeds them milk.  Not this poor kitten.  Reese effectively claimed HER territory and was not very hospitable to Haley's new furry friend.

OH, that Haley!!!!!

Who me? I didn't see any stray kitten.

Reese snuggling and purring on Haley's lap


  1. Haley is a girl after her Meme's heart when it comes to kitty's!!

  2. There are no cats in this house, only a pet beagle! :) May the Lord continue to bless your family.