Sunday, March 2, 2014

3 Weeks Home

We've had an amazing first three weeks with Matthew home.  He's such a great little guy and so much fun to be around.  He's definitely added a spark of energy and excitement to our family!  All of the 4 other kids love their new brother and they are so glad he's part of our family.

Matthew loves to help out around the house.  This weekend Tim's grandparents came for a visit and Matthew helped move the table and chairs out of the kitchen so I could mop.  He said he loves the smell of the lemon scented cleaner I use to mop the kitchen.  He scrubbed the sink, shelf and mirror in the bathroom they would be using.  He took everything off the shelf, wiped it down and then put everything neatly back on the shelf.  Any time our trash gets full, he likes to take it out.  He enjoys vacuuming the living room.  The other night I was especially tired so I was sitting down.  Here he went around the living room picking up Wii remotes, socks, shoes from all the family members and put them all away.  He folded the blankets we use when we watch tv.  He straightened all the couch pillows perfectly. I love that he takes initiative to help out with out even being asked.  He clearly pays attention to detail and how I like things put away.  He often organizes his closet and clothing in his drawers. He says he loves all of his clothing.   This past Thursday he said he enjoyed stripping down his bed remaking it.  He always smells his newly cleaned clothing and bedding and always says "It smells so good" in Ukrainian (I remember Brandon did the same thing!).  Matthew likes taking the net and cleaning the leaves out of the pool.  He likes to feed the dog, take her for a walk and add food to the bird feeder.  There is nothing he won't do if you ask him to help, but most of the time he does things around the house just because he sees it needs to be done.

His schooling is going really well.  I am using the Abeka phonics to teach him English and reading.  I am using ACE Accelerated Christian 3rd grade math.   He came to America knowing no English letters or even any simple math like 9-1=8.  Now he knows his vowels and some blends like la, le, li, lo, lu.  He also knows how to do a little harder math like 120-19=101.  He got 100% on his first math test.

His English is coming along well.  He understands a lot more than he can speak.  We can give him basic daily sentences like "Did you sleep well?" "Go brush your teeth"  "Go put on your pajamas" "Did you eat breakfast yet?" "Can you please wash your hands for dinner?" "Did you put your contact lenses in?" "Where is Andrew?" and he can answer us.  He can also say English phrases like, "Eww stinks" "Oh my goodness" "Let's go" "Let's jump (on the trampoline)" "Good morning" "Good bye" "Thank you."  I'm always amazed at how quickly kids can learn a new language.

Friday he had his first hair cut.  He wanted one of those long hair cuts with the hair all in his eyes.  I really wanted him to wear it shorter because I hate that he was covering up his gorgeous blue eyes with hair!  We talked him in to getting his bangs cut shorter and spiking them.  He's such a beautiful boy! 

I'm thankful he seems to be a happy boy and very eager to join in and be part of our family.  It was fun having Tim's grandparents come this past weekend.  Matthew was not shy to hug them or tell them he loved them.  It was cute because Grammie needed help untying her shoe one evening.  Matthew knelt down and unlaced it and pulled off her shoe for her.  The following morning he was sitting at the table eating his breakfast and he saw Grammie coming towards the table with her cup of coffee from the other side of the kitchen and he got up and moved over so she could sit in his seat.  I thought it was just wonderful that he had such kindness and politeness to honor an elder like that without even needing to be told. We are very blessed to have Matthew in our family! We love him to pieces and we're pretty sure he loves us too!  God has been so good to our family!

Matthew with his new hair cut and new church clothes he picked out.

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