Friday, December 20, 2013


One glorious thing about birthing all girls is they won’t come home with critters.  When I found out I was having all girls, I sighed relief and praised God for His blessings because I have a slight (correction, MAJOR) case of “Critter-phobia”….which is, of course, “the fear of anything creepy, crawly, little,  slimy, tiny-furry, prickly, with tiny eyes and legs or antennas.” Girls don’t bring into the house frogs or toads.  They don’t hide snakes in their pockets.  Turtles won’t go through the laundry.  Bugs are never in random boxes in their bedrooms.  And definitely no critters would travel in their backpacks to school.  They don’t touch smelly fish with their bare hands. They don’t poke rats or bats with sticks. Girls just don’t play with critters.

…..unless they are MY girls.  In which case, the above paragraph is completely null and void.  Brandon never did such a thing because he also had Critterphobia 

So my itching rash, shortness of breath and high-pitched shriek when encountering  or being presented with a critter is apparently hilarious to these naughty children….and I blame their father for teaching them to behave so uncivilized and disrespectfully to their mother.   ;) Just remember, my little blessings, MOM knows who's been naughty and nice! 

Florida chameleon & Kylie

Baby robin that fell out of the nest (the grey birds ate the rest)

Kylie and Haley and the fish

Haley and Kylie with toads

Sea horse

Haley and her cousin with all kinds of sea critters

Haley and turtle

Kylie (age 5) and a different turtle

Haley (3) and Kylie (5) putting the turtle under the umbrella so it wouldn't get wet

The bat they poked with sticks

Haley and lady bug

Kylie and her friend's hamster

Haley with FOUR daddy-long-leg spiders

Two-year old Kylie with a flower...I can take flowers

3 year old Katie with a frog/toad

2 year old Kylie KISSING the toad/frog

2 year old Kylie and toad/frog

Tim!!!  Yuck!

2 year old Haley with lady bug

20 month old Haley with frog

8 year old Haley with a leaf bug and snail

Naughty child chasing after me with her leaf bug and snail

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  1. I am not too critter phobic, unless it comes to snakes and spiders (or bats--because they carry disease. My youngest son likes all kinds of critters. May the Lord continue to bless your family.