Thursday, October 11, 2012


Today I am going to say something I thought I would never say!  That is, I’m officially a homeschooling mom!!!  Why? You might ask.  Well, I will do my best to explain.  We have many reasons and it took us many weeks of prayer and consideration before we made our move to pull her from the Academy and I began to homeschool our middle daughter, KK.
KK and Brandon in the mountains

First, KK took Brandon’s death the hardest.  She is our most emotional child.  She loves the deepest, yet hurts the deepest.  Brandon was in her class at school.  Brandon and KK had a love/hate relationship.  They were the most alike in personality—he also loved deeply and hurt deeply.  They fought the most because they were most alike.  Even though they fought, they loved each other very much and Brandon would stick up for her when boys or other girls were teasing her at school.  She no longer has him there “protecting her” as she puts it.  This makes every day for her at school a constant reminder that her protector is not there.
KK and Brandon headed to the water park

Second, KK is the type of person that is loyal and devoted, but she also reflects how she is treated.  If she perceives that someone does not like her, or is being condescending towards her, she will have an attitude and also put up a brick wall a mile high.   Because of her age and personality, if this happens in the beginning of a relationship, there is little chance that the wall is coming down.  I am not even sure she knows she has put up a brick wall, but I can see this tendency in her as her Mom.  She had a major brick wall for whatever reason in 4th grade.
Brandon and KK playing

Third, her grades plummeted.  She has had mostly A’s and B’s in school prior to 4th grade.  For the teacher that suited her personality best (warm, affectionate, animated, encouraging, joyful, loving….), she even received straight A’s the whole year.  With the poor grades this year in 4th grade came teasing from the other students as well as personal discouragement for KK.  Imagine how you would feel to study 3 hours every night and pull D’s and F’s.  Poor grades are NOT like our daughter.  She is a very smart little girl.
On weekends KK and Brandon liked to have a sleep over in each other's bedrooms

Fourth, her attitude stunk.  Her daily behavior was NOT like OUR KK.  She would come home from school and hit and punch her sisters (something we’ve never allowed our children to do).  She would scream and yell at her sisters and me (again, we have never allowed this behavior).  She would kick the cat or dog (she loves her cat and dog.  This is the same child who cries if you even call the animals “smelly”).  She threw the remote control across the room (she’s typically careful with things that do not belong to her).  She scribbled through her homework (she normally takes pride in her work and always does her very best).  She did nothing but talk bad about herself regarding her looks ("I’m ugly.  I’m fat.  I hate myself.")  She did nothing but talk about dying and saying things like, “Brandon is lucky he is dead and in Heaven and doesn’t have to live on this earth.  I just want to die.” Imagine my horror after losing one beautiful child to hear my other beautiful child say she wanted to die.  She was turning into an angry, bitter child who felt she was a victim and her poor attitude and poor grades were everyone’s fault but her own.  We did not like this trend.

Fifth, she had WAY too much homework every night.  She would sit through a 7-hour day of school only to get home and have 2-3 more hours of homework and studying.  She would sit and cry as she heard the neighborhood kids laughing and playing outside while she was stuck inside doing homework.  I am a firm believer that kids need to play outside every day. Kids only have one chance to be kids.  They have their WHOLE lives to sit inside and work.  I grew up in a fundamental Christian school and I never once had 2-3 hours’ worth of homework.  I made it the real world just fine without homework!  Tim went to public school all his life and never had that volume of homework.  He made it just fine in the real world as well.  In fact, I would classify my husband as superior!  He served in the military and graduated with his Master’s Degree with a 4.0.

Sixth, on weekends she was her normal, happy, affectionate self.  She got along well with her siblings.  She cooperated around the house.  She did not talk back.  She didn’t throw things.  On weekends we had our sweet daughter back!!!  That is….until Sunday nights when she began with her anger fits again as we braced ourselves for another LONG school week.
This past weekend she was back to her normal happy self! PTL!

So, we thought and we prayed.  We noted her behavior on school nights.  Then we noted her behavior on weekends.  What was different?  We sat her down and talked for a while.   We listened to her spill her heart out.  This was NOT all grief, though that is weighing heavily on her heart.  What we discovered was a whole bunch of things were coming to a head at one time.  The biggest (and most correctable) things that stood out to us were poor grades at school and lack of play time.  That's when it dawned on me that I could probably just homeschool her.  What a simple fix!  Right now one-on-one time is what she needs more than anything.  Thankfully our school principals and pastors supported this decision as what our family needs right now.

Homeschooling is not for everyone.  Our other 3 children are still in the Academy.  However, Praise God it is working out very well for our little KK!!! We chose the online video course from A Beka because I am very familiar with the program since I grew up learning from the A Beka curriculum.  It is also the same curriculum the Academy uses so she will be able to slide back into a normal classroom setting if that is where God leads down the road.  I am happy to report she’s finished a week of homeschooling so far and she is back to straight A’s on everything.  She has been her normal, happy and affectionate self all week.  We have been able to play outside after school.  Sometimes as a parent you have to make tough decisions.  But I believe it is far better to listen to your child crying out for help while they are still young, rather than wait until they are a teenager and then try to fix all the damage that occurs throughout their lives of NOT listening to their cries for help.   We are so thankful for God’s leading for this decision.  We will continue to pray that we are able to help her get back on her feet scholastically and emotionally so she can move forward in her life! 

“Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the LORD.” Psalm 31:24


  1. It is a wonderful choice you have made. Like you say, it is easier to salvage them now then when they are teenagers. I also went to a Christian school for 13 years. I never remember having that much homework (not even in high school). It is so sad that schools think that they have to dominate almost every waking hour of a child's life. Even when I taught 3 years in a Christian school, I would not give that much work. I think that all schools are like this, and it is a sad trend. I very much support what you are doing. I home-school both of our boys. This is my 10th year of home-schooling. Our boys (especially our youngest) would have a very hard time in traditional school. It helps so much for them to have individual attention. Our youngest is in 4th grade also. He has struggled more this year than any other year. It is so wonderful that you can home-school. I also use A Beka. I believe it a challenging Bible-based curriculum. It is what I had when I was in school. May the Lord bless you in this new venture. May the Lord continue to bless your family.

  2. I homeschooled my son in fourth grade because it is exactly what he needed at the time. He is in a private school with his sister now (he is in 7th grade), but we have left the door open for homeschooling in high school if that is where God leads us. You know your child best and will make the best decisions for her. I cherish the time I spent with my son that one year of homeschooling (bumps, tears, and all). Blessings on you new adventure (as if you weren't having enough adventures with your new son :)

    Cassie E-J (friend of Cassie Grace and fellow adoptive mom :)

  3. Good for you! You have made a very wise decision, that you will not regret. Your children will rise up and bless you. I think that's what Proverbs 31 says.

  4. We have homeschooled our two daughters for 4 years now and we love it! There are so many advantages to it! Praying God will bless the rest of this school year for your daughter and family as you begin this new adventure :) Blessings in Christ, Nikki B.

  5. It's great that you made this decision, and able to homeschool your child. I am so ready to homeschool, and probably will. Trying to think and figure out what is best for our boys.