Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Over It

I decided that I would be brilliant this 2nd time around in our adoption and drive 1 1/2 hours to Raleigh to have our dossier documents authenticated in person.  Last time I was completely stressed out with mailing documents back and forth to Raleigh, waiting 5 to 7 business to receive them back and worrying that the post man would lose them.  (I'm sure our post man is relieved that I will not be stalking him for the next few weeks as I wait for my authenticated documents to come in the mail.)

How did today go? Well, let's just say I had an hour and a half drive home this morning to think, pray and get "over it."  I am over the fact that I took a day off work, drove an hour and a half and came back with NOTHING--over it.  The fact that 4 documents were DECLINED and needed to be REDONE--over it.  The fact that I had to walk A MILE in downtown Raleigh, in my heels, in the sprinkling RAIN to redo two documents--over it.  The fact that the local Sheriff's department does NOT store copies of our fingerprints in a database, nor does the FBI that does our adoption background screening--over it. This is the 21st Century--why are our fingerprints not stored in some sort of electronic format??!!!--over it. The fact that I did ALL of that only to find out they WILL NOT do 40 documents on the same day.  They only do 30 documents on the same day and there is NO BENDING that rule--over it.  The fact that I got a $20 parking ticket for being 1 minute late, when I specifically put my debit card in the parking meter TWO times for TWO hours of parking--over it.  BTW, had I worn my lovely tennis shoes with my skirt, I would have definitely made it a mile and back in the RAIN in under an hour. Had I been able to J-walk in the city without my conscience tearing me apart, I would not have gotten the ticket.  Over it. If I had not had the losing discussion  with the authentication office regarding the difference in meaning between "attached" and "enclosed," I would have been back before I received a ticket.  Over it.   The fact that by the time I receive all my documents and am able to mail the whole package out to Ukraine it will OF COURSE be a holiday because any time I need to do something very important all government offices are closed.  Over it.  (I am already a holiday SCROOGE because of the 3 holidays and 6 day delay and inconvenience on our trip to Ukraine last year.  Really, I'm over that too.)  The fact that I got lost on my way home, in my own town that I've lived in for 6 years...while using a GPS system (really, I'm special)--Over it.

One of the positve results of going through an actual BIG trial in life is it makes me a bit more patient.  I don't sweat these minor irritations like I may have a few years ago.  I definitely don't have it all under control, my emotions or my behavior, but I do know that God in in control.  His eye is watching.  His hand is moving.  He has been so unbelievable in allowing the majority of this adoption to go SO smooth and stress free. (Honestly, for the record, it was so much better driving up to Raleigh than waiting on the postal service).  I can rest in knowing that this minor delay today and irritation was ordained by God.  There is a reason that He wanted us to be delayed.  I'm okay with this delay.  I'm over it. I will go beyond that and say that I am joyful that God has blessed us tremendously with the opportunity to adopt (hopefully a boy currently named Nestor) in the next few months.  Psalm 5:11 "But let all those that put their trust in YOU rejoice: let them ever shout for JOY, because YOU defend them; let them also that love YOUR name be JOYFUL in YOU." 

And I wanted to add that it is JUST LIKE GOD to add JOY and ENCOURAGEMENT to a day like today with a sweet card from some dear friends of ours and a donation towards the adoption that was THE EXACT AMOUNT that I spent today on authenticating the 40 documents.  Thank you, Friends, and THANK YOU Dear, Heavenly Father for Your goodness and grace and love.


  1. Of course it was the exact amount you spent. :) It has been awesome to watch God work in your lives. Thank you for always telling us how things are going and blessing us with your story. We're still praying for you all and the son that is waiting for you to come and get him. :)

  2. I had to smile when I read your post. I am a person who dots every i and crosses every t and puts alot of stress on myself to make sure everything is done....well, in the last 4 weeks, my mom fell, broke her leg, had surgery, then fell, broke her arm, had surgery and is now depressed ( she lives 6 hours from me so I am not much help), my dad died (I did get to see him the last 6 hours of his life after a 7 year estrangement), my 12 year old "love of our lives" cat is dying and will be gone any day now, my only child (the human love of my life, lol) graduated from college on Fri & moved to Fla on Sat.for a job at Disneyworld so I am feeling the empty nest... I'm trying to find the goodness in all this but I know how you feel about the small annoyances not bothering you as much anymore! I think I am just numb at the moment but its been a good lesson to learn about "dont sweat the small stuff"! I pray for you and yours every day and am looking forward to "meeting" your new son here on your blog! God Bless!

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