Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kind Words Written

After the tone of my last blog, I wanted to do a more light-hearted one.  Back in March some friends of ours threw an adoption shower at our church.  It was a wonderful evening and we had a lot of fun.  We will never forget the kindness of those that arranged the shower and also those who made food, brought gifts and came to the special night.  Thank you so much every one of you! 

At the shower there were soccer balls for those who attended to sign.  I thought it’d be fun to share with you what was written on the balls.  The last several I’ve listed did not have names signed, but I liked what was written.

1.     Welcome to the USA.  God bless you.  Hairrells

2.    Welcome to our church family.   Inglis

3.    We are blessed to have you.  God loves you and we love you too. Covingtons

4.    I’m sure you will love your new family.  They will treat you very nicely.  I hope you will come to Christ.  Veronica

5.    I’m glad to have you as a brother. Katie

6.    Welcome.  You are loved.  Colvins

7.    Welcome to your new family.  Natalie

8.    We are so excited to meet you.  Welcome to our church family.  Abernathy

9.    You are cool.  Madison

10. Welcome. Kisers

11. Can’t wait to meet you and help you learn about God. Jacob Sturm

12. ‘Sup? I know you’re going to like your new family (Kerr family). Leah

13. I hope you like us. Kylie

14. Welcome home!  God bless! Rix Family

15. We love you!  Grandma and Grandpa

16. Can’t wait to see you.  Jordan

17. Can’t wait until you’re part of our family forever.  Uncle Steve, Aunt Christy, Jalen & Lexi

18. Can’t wait to meet you! John, Angela and family

19. We love you.  God sees you.  He sees you, He knows you, He loves you forever.  Love the Baugus Family

20. We are thankful for you.  Lawsons

21. Welcome to your new family.  Biagi’s

22. Hey, hope you have a great time with your new family.  Love Natalie

23. We can’t wait to meet you. Enamorados

24. Enjoy your new family

25. We have prayed for you for a long time and we love you.

26. Hi! You’re cool.

27. You have a very nice family coming to get you.

28. I hope you enjoy your nice family.

29. You were loved before the foundation of this world. 

30. You are a miracle and an answer to many prayers.  You are so loved.

31. Just so you know.  The Kerrs are coming for you and they will be your forever family.

32. I hope you like soccer.  I do.

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