Saturday, September 18, 2010

Our Adoption Meeting

18 September 2010

Today we attended an adoption meeting at church.  Two representatives from Christian Adoption Services were there to speak.  Tim’s main concern going into the adoption meeting was that older children are “set in their ways.”  We've read that who a child is at 5 years of age is who they will be the rest of their life.  We've found this idea to be true in each of our 3 children.  It would be difficult to adopt a child full of unknown bad habits and set in his ways. 

The first thing Mr. Woodward (the president of Christian Adoption Services) as he got up to speak was that older children DO want to change.  They do want to be good.  Who can even tell how much Christ did in our lives at the point of our salvation?  God can change any little boy’s heart and mold them into His likeness and we are willing to be used of Him to make this happen.  We aren’t worrying about the unknowns.  We are just obeying right now what we believe God has called us to do.  We can’t wait to see how He works out everything throughout this process.

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